Make Yourself A Delicious Bread Pudding With Chef Bakhtiani’s Recipe!

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Those of you scouring the internet for delicious but easy desserts to relish at home, this bread pudding recipe from Chef Bakhtiani, is all you need! Trust us - it’s easy, it’s fun and everyone will love it!

Ingredients you need

1. Stale bread 

2. Jam of your choice (Tip: blueberry works really well!)

3. Butter - 40 gms

4. Milk - 100 gms

5. Cream - 200 gms

6. Cardamom - 3 pods 

7. Cream Cheese - 50 gms (Optional)

8. Eggs - 2 

9. Sugar - 75 gms

10. Chopped pistachios

11. Handful of raisins, soaked in Cognac/Rum/Brandy (Optional)


1. Cut the bread slices into quarters, apply butter and jam alternately on all the slices and arrange them neatly on a dish. Brush the surface, with the remaining butter. 

2. In a mixer blender, blend milk, cream, cream cheese and cardamom. Then, pour into a bowl. 

3. Make the custard: combine the dairy mixture with eggs and sugar. 

4. Pour the custard over the bread and make sure that the bread is well soaked. 

5. Garnish the pudding with some chopped Pistachios and Soaked Raisins. 

6. Bake at 170 degrees for 30-35 minutes. 

7. Serve warm. (It tastes great with some fresh fruits and soft whipped cream)


1. If you are using blueberry jam, you can replace the milk with coconut milk and add a touch of vanilla extract.

2. You can use any nuts or seeds for the topping, or leave out the topping altogether (Your choice!) Or once baked, you can cover the pudding with chocolate or fresh fruits.

3. Try using breads with a different base for this recipe: regular sandwich bread, croissant and ETHER DIY Bakealong Banana Bread are ideal!