Bun Nippat Masala And Masala Coke For The Win At The Iconic Student Hangout, Chetty’s Corner

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A hot favourite with students, Chetty’s Corner has been around for 20 years now and is known for its pocket-friendly snacks. The Bun Nippat Masala and Masala Coke top the hit list.

The Burger Goes Desi

In 1997, Chetty’s Corner started off as a small snack shop in the bylanes of Sheshadripuram — a neighbourhood with a large student population. Today, it has about six outlets in the city, but old-timers prefer the original on Serpentine Road. The shop-like establishment has spruced up over the years but it’s still more of a takeaway counter. The young crowd that drops by either chomp on their orders on the footpath in front of the shop. Or perch on their bikes, with their gangs, while gobbling up their faves.

Chetty’s Corner mainstay is fast food treats with a desi twist. And one of the most sought after dishes in the list is the Bun Nippat Masala. The burger bun is slathered on one side with a mint chutney and the other with a tamarind chutney. In between, is a crunchy nippat {a local, fried snack, shaped like a disc and made with rice flour and maida}. The snack is topped with freshly chopped onions and served. The result is a burger that comes with familiar and pleasing street food flavours. And it goes perfectly with a glass of fizzy Masala Coke, another best selling item on their menu.

Snack Time

There’s plenty of other items that you can sink your teeth into at Chetty’s Corner. You can nibble on sandwich pizzas {two pizza bases stuffed with cheese and toppings}, potato twisters, sandwiches, and their Special Bhel.


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