Thick Shakes, Andhra Biryani And Butter Chicken: This Lane Near Christ University Has It All

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Where there are hungry, college students involved,  naturally there will be food, and cheap and delicious food. To all Christites {aka students of Christ University}, Chicklane {or Chikkalakshmi Layout} is a beloved zone right outside their college with enough options to hold a food carnival. Whether you are a college student or a professional working in BTM. this is where your search needs to end for budget meals. From cafe food to north Indian cuisine, with some Andhra biryani thrown into the mix, here’s our pick. 

De Street Café

Newly-opened near Christ University, this small cozy café is a nice place to hang out after college or even work. The cafe is really tiny, so sometimes it might be a squeeze to hang out. But everything is budget here and a full meal per person would cost just about INR 250. Our favourite order here is the pesto pasta to be washed down with their cold chocolate and their selection of fresh juices. De Street Cafe also does thick shakes, subs and sandwiches, and desserts of course. 


What Pollama’s doesn’t do in terms of an ambience, it makes up for it with its spicy and oh-so-delicious Andhra food. A regular haunt for students and professionals in the area, Pollama’s is for those times when your heart and tummy craves for a big spread and comfort food. We are giving top marks to the Andhra style biryani here. They also have incredibly cheap vegetarian meals under INR 100 only! The Andhra style Chicken Fry, Chicken Pepper Fry, Chilli Chicken and Guntur Chicken are all house favourites. 

Sip ‘n’ Snack

Right at the beginning of Chicklane sits Sip ‘n’ Snack. It is the perfect place for a cold refreshing glass of juice on a hot summer day. They also serve a selection of sandwiches and Maggi to go with your juice!  The food is cheap and delicious. What more can one ask from life. There is no seating here, the idea is to grab your juice and food, and then get going. And there’s more. Sip ‘n’ Snacks shares its space with a momo guy, a pani puri wallah as well as a kathi roll guy! It’s a one-stop shop for all your snacking needs people!

New Punjabi Hotel

We’d say go here for the food and not the decor. If you love yourself some dhaba style north Indian food, then you have come to the right place mate! We recommend their butter chicken, garlic naan and some chilled lassi for a big and hearty meal. And all of this will cost you a grand sum of INR 150 only. 


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