Pick Up Pretty Coasters, Tissues Boxes & Trays From This Local Brand Starting At INR 299


Can’t have too many cute curios and trinkets in your home? Chinchin Fun Arts might have some stuff that will tickle your fancy with their pretty range of home decor and utility products.

Unique Home Decor

Chinchin Fun Arts is all about serving up some next-level cuteness when it comes to home decor and utility products. One look at their Facebook page here and you’ll know what I’m talking about. This one-month old brand is run by Tejal and everything sold here is handcrafted to perfection. This home decor brand is taking things up a notch with their series of decoupage items with some intricate designs. With a reasonable price range of INR 299 to INR 2,499, Chinchin Fun Arts is as budget-friendly as it is pretty.

Decoupage For Days

Specialising in handcrafted decoupage home decor, Tejal lends a quirky twist to everything from plant holders, coasters, tissue boxes to vases and soap dispensers. This artistic and customisable range has it all with a large dose of cute infused in every item. With delicate floral patterns to vintage art inspired designs, we loving how gorgeous all of it looks. Tejal works with the aim of making every single product unique, which means most of her stuff is limited edition. So the minute you see something you like you should place an order. As of now they operate solely out of their Facebook page but have plans of collaborating with a bunch of e-commerce platforms in the future.