Gauc To Grilled Tacos: Koramangala, Get Your Dose Of Mexican Food Here

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What Makes It Awesome

Boy, are we glad that Chinita exists to tend to all our Taco Tuesday and Mexcian Monday cravings. It's menu features all the crowd favourites but also has interesting options in the form of grilled tacos, soyrizo nachos, and a fantastic flan.  

Tacos, burrito bowls, guacamole, and mole just the way it should be made and taste are what makes this place bae. Unlike the Indiranagar outlet, the Koramangala outlet a lot bigger with minimal decor allowing you to focus on what's on your plate. Start off with the grilled corn, something that we always overlooked because of its simplicity. But that parmesan topped, chilli rubbed corn on the cob will leave you asking for more. No Mexican meal is complete without a side of nachos, and vegetarians, try the soyrizo nachos. It's got the chorizo look and feel, but it's soy and mock meat. Pair it with made-to-order gauc and you are sorted. 

The Chinita Salad is for anyone who wants a quick, satisfying and light meal. Avocados over anything when in season. Else, grilled chicken or beef. Skip the burrito bowls and the regular tacos and go straight for the grilled tacos that are served with fermented pico de gallo. We could not get enough of that pico de gallo and how well it paired with the carnitas or roasted pork grilled taco we had. They should really listen to us and sell the pico by the bottle. You need to try the mole which works as a universal dip/chutney/curry. It's served with cilantro rice and is a meal of its own. Finish off with either the churros or the flan. It's flantastic and almost like custard but so much better! 

What Could Be Better

If you don't like fermented food, then the pico might put you off. Plus it packs a spicy punch. But having said that, we love it and they should really bottle it and sell it. We'll buy it in truckloads.


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