Chocolate Pani Puris And 9 Types Of Pani: Pani Weds Puri In Rajajinagar Is Killing It Like A Boss

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Have you tried chocolate pani puri? Or how about with nine different panis? Well, if your answer is no, head to Pani Weds Puri {yes, that’s what it is called}.

9 Kinds Of Fun

You are invited to one-of-a-kind wedding where the marriage of bride and groom brings joy to anyone and everyone. At this quaint kiosk on Dr Rajkumar Road, you get to try nine different flavoured panis that range from your regular pudina pani to unconventional ones likes orange, apple, and guava. We think even hing pani and garlic pani are quite unconventional. Well, in any case, it’s way better than having to do with just one type of pani from your regular gol gappa bhaiyya.

Chocolate Weds Puri

Stealing the thunder from the flavoured panis are of course the chocolate pani puris. Told you this was a quirky wedding. You’ve your crunchy puris coated with dark chocolate and stuffed with chocolate cake crumbs and chocolate cream. Chocolate sauce is drizzled not so generously as we would like it to be on them before our #NewPaniPuriBhaiyya finishes off his chocolatey goodness with coloured sprinkles.

Our verdict after popping one in? Chocolatey, crunchy, and perfect replacement for the sukha puri that you get at the end of your pani puri binge eating {who eats one plate, right?}. Actually, no, this is the perfect 4 pm snack. No, wait {sugar rush, so excuse us}, it’s something you need to have every now and then.

So, We Are Thinking...

Rajajinagar is far for us. If you guys are going, can we hop along with you guys? We are craving for them chocolate puris!


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