Takeaway Perfect Kebabs And Biryani From This Mughlai Eatery In Jayamahal

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Bringing some soul Mughlai and North Indian food to Jayamahal Extension and the neighbouring areas, Chote Miya is all kinds of tandoori goodness.

Chow Down

Chicken Tikka Biryani, Mutton Sheekh, Mutton Nihari

Sip On

Anything you please, since it’s a takeaway counter, and assumably you’re going home {or to someone’s home}. Or bring on the aerated drinks from More Supermarket across the street.

Winning For

Quick service, and hearty meaty fare. It’s also a saviour for those living in this very residential area, but don’t want to go too far from home.

Lowdown On The Ambience

A small little takeaway shop, they have simple and minimal seating outside the kitchen area where you can munch on snacks. They’re officially a takeaway place, so don’t really make a plan to have a sit-down meal. But if it’s just a roll, then make yourself comfortable.

What's On The Menu?

Honestly, the menu isn’t very vast, nor the place for extravagant décor. In fact, it’s food is it’s saving grace, and it’s a blessing for those who live in the neighbourhood – we’re not too high on Swiggy in the hood, you see. Offering Mughlai food done right, Chote Miya has tikkas and rolls to start with. For an impromptu house party, I ordered the Malai Tikka, Mutton Sheekh and Chicken Tikka. The Malai Tikka was a great favourite, and we had to swing by to pick up more of the lightly spiced, succulent pieces of tikka. Mutton Sheekh was yum too, and the Chicken Tikka good but overshadowed by the other two. The Tikka Roll was filling and I loved that it was laces with mint chutney across the whole rumali roti, evenly flavouring the meat.

All About Biryani

For mains, we had a one-point-agenda – biryani. The Chicken Tikka Biryani was really delicious, and wasn’t quite like a usual biryani. Drier, but with boneless chicken and a semi gravy, mix it well and you’ve got a winner. The Mutton Dum Biryani, though tasty, didn’t seem very dum cooked. That said, the meat fell off the bone easily, and we enjoyed it with the {far too little} raita and the hot, spicy salan it came with. If you are a roti person, there’s naan, rumali and paratha on offer, though we didn’t sample that.

Something Special

Until we got there, we didn’t realise there’s a special On Order selection. But we’re keen to try the Ghosht and Nihari {weekends specials} and even the Raan Angara {INR 1,800}, Stuffed Bakra {for occasions at INR 10,000 with biryani} and Murg Mussalam {INR 900}.


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