Enjoy Front-Row Seats At Home As Cirque Du Soleil Is Doing Specials Of Their Shows Online

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In the circus that this COVID-19 has become, circus company Cirque Du Soleil is letting you in one some of their finest shows without having to leave your house. Called Cirque Connect, the company is showing exclusive content from their famous shows packed together in an hour-long episode every week. Currently, one special is are already out on their website and YouTube channel, and it features awesome moments from Kurios - Cabinet of Curiosities, O, and Luzia. The other one-hour special will be premiering later this week. You can also watch their original web series Get In Shape with CirqueFit. If you have a VR headset, then be sure to download their app and you can access their VR content that lets you be part of some seriously good shows! 


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