You Need To Put Cliff Diving In Hampi On Your Bucket List And We Have All The Deets

    What Makes It Awesome

    While Hampi is often listed among the most popular destinations for culture vultures and history enthusiasts, the place has quite a bit to offer even if you’re an adrenaline junkie. Once you’re done with your share of historical sights, temple-hopping and watching sunsets, we suggest you take a short motorboat ride across the Tungabhadra river (behind the Sri Virupaksha Temple) and make way to Virupapuragaddi or Hippie Island as it is popularly known. While there are great views and the rustic life (in little huts, no less!) to enjoy, set your destination to Sanapur Lake if it’s an adventure that you have in mind.

    Painted signs along the way warn you of the risk of crocodiles, although there hasn’t been any trouble so far, going by what previous cliff divers say. Ask any of the locals around and they’ll guide you to the jumping point. If the sight of the lake spread out before you doesn’t tempt you to make the leap, perhaps the thrilling rush of adrenaline will. Once you hit the water, splash about, swim around or go for another round of jumping, we say! Too scared to go on with it? No worries, there’s also a smaller bridge nearby where you could jump from.

    While you do have fun, we suggest you not throw caution to the wind. Even though cliff diving is a popular activity among adventure seekers here, there are no professionals or groups who will be able to guide you through it. You’re on your own, mate!