Whitefield's Indoor Rock Climbing Arena, Clip 'n Climb, Promises An Action-Packed Time

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New Zealand’s indoor rock climbing format, Clip ’n Climb, is now in our very own city. On the ground floor of Whitfield’s Virginia Mall, find an action-packed and safe activity for all you adventurous souls out there.

Keep On Climbing

The Clip ’n Climb is the bigger and better fun-filled and action-packed activity of our time that makes bouncy castles and ball pits look boring. This indoor rock climbing arena lets you mix a bit of fun and adventure by taking on as many as 33 rock climbing challenges that send you spiralling back to the days of your carefree and activity-filled childhood and we are always up for that trip. Speaking of childhood, be sure to bring the little ones along too. Safe yet challenging, this is a great place to let the munchkins expend their never-ending energy. Be sure to try the Leap Of Faith which is a crowd-favourite at the moment.

Fun For Everyone

With ropes and cords hanging over and around the many brightly-coloured rock climbing walls here, the area looks very inviting to anyone who loves a good time. Both kids and adults are welcome to try their hand at the many challenges here. And you get to pick your own route which you can match to your preferences and skills. Perfectly safe, you’ll have to strap on a harness before you enter the arena and sit through a quick instruction session to make sure that after all that climbing and fun, there isn’t a scratch on your body. And don’t forget to wear socks as they are mandatory in here. Open to anyone over the age of four, prices start at INR 294 for the Little Climbers, under 115 cm tall, and the Big Climbers {anyone over 115 cm tall} are charged INR 471 for a 30-minute session. The activity is completely free for senior citizens, so drag Grandma along too.

A Rocking Venue

Clip ’n Climb India also hosts birthday parties and school and group activities. So if you’re looking for a fun and healthy ice-breaker or bonding activity, your search ends here. You now know where to throw the kid’s next big birthday bash that will be the talk of the town. Give them a call at 080674 24920 to get the whole shebang organised. And don’t forget to send us an invite.


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