We Tried These Easy Use Night Repair And BB+CC Creams That Don't Cost The Earth

Amrita posted on 10 June


Coccoon and Iraa are in the business of providing some smart solutions for your daily beauty regimen. These two Indian brands {belong to the same group called Em& Em Personal Care} launched in January this year, offers products packed with everything from extra hydration to SPF, all built into their products. I tried everything from their hydrating hair mist to all-in-one BB+ CC cream, and here’s what I think.

Did It Work For Us?

Coccoon’s products are made with ingredients such as Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Green Tea, and Kakadu Plum extracts {a superfood native to Australia which is supposedly the richest natural source of Vitamin C in the world}. We tried the Coccoon Eternal Youth Smart Night Serum + Intense Repair {INR 599}, that is apparently supposed to fight signs of ageing. The serum was light weight and didn’t feel greasy, but the fragrance was a bit intense. Whether it works or not is something that we will get to know in a few weeks, but we can definitely vouch for the hydration bit.

But we definitely liked using the Coccoon Eternal Youth All In One Smart Cream + BB + CC + Photo Defence. This lightweight balm is made with Kakadu plum extracts and SPF 30. The cream comes with a tint that works with all skin types. The cream gives nice coverage and can be used as a base for make up. For me, one pump was enough to be used on the face, and it was easily blend-able. Plus, brownie points for the pleasant, citrus fragrance. Priced at INR 799, the bottle will last you for a couple of months even with daily usage.

The Iraa Instasheen Conditioning Hair Mist{INR 269} , with apple and green tea, does smell pleasant. But unfortunately, the pump is not the most user friendly, so getting this mist out into your hair is a bit of a problem. Also the staying power of the fragrance is a bit limited, the reason why you would want to use a hair mist in the first place.


So, We're Thinking...

We know how expensive serums can get, and it is quite tough to find Indian brands that are experimenting with BB+CC format creams too. So in that respect Coccoon is reasonably priced and also offers decent quality. Plus, we are all for one product taking care of a bunch of skincare needs.

Shop online for Coccoon here and Iraa here.