Add Some Drama To Your Life And Lips With These Glitter Lip Sticks From Colorbar

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What Makes It Awesome

Ah! The craze of glitter is something that will not die down, ever! Or so I believe. While I'm not too heavily into make up, if anything is different and unique, I must have it. Naturally, when I heard Colorbar launched their Drama Blast collection which is glitter lipstick, I ordered immediately! 

Arriving in a dramatic glitter box, the lipsticks are a creamy textured style with glitter all over. Not too dark, and not very long-lastjng, I use them to add the razzle dazzle onto an already applied layer of another lipstick. This is so even if the glitter one rubs off, I still have lip colour. Though thus far, the glitter hasn't fully faded off, but became considerably less visible as the day or night wore on. But the sheen and sparkle that these lipsticks add are just lovely! Make an entry in them, and you're sorted for the evening. I love that it's not in your face, but subtle and just enough to add a hint of shimmer. That too it's meant to add the 3D effect! 

Priced at INR 1,200, these are available in six colours - browns, gold, pink, purple and red. 


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