Doodled, Dramatic, Dressy: Men, One Look Here & You Will Be Shirt Converts

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Eprise Trends

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What Makes It Awesome

How many times have you heard men complain they don't have as many choices when it comes to clothes? We've lost count and a little bit of patience in the process but here's hoping for change. Change because men can literally change into high fashion every time they slip into a shirt from this super hit of a brand on The LBB Shop! Rise up and clap for Eprise Trends, and their shirts that are as unique as they come.

Design is at the center of everything Eprise Trends does - they believe in being artsy and colourful while making sure their original patterns, motifs, and sketches appeal to men of all ages (check out their models to understand what we mean). We'd describe their collection of printed cotton collared shirts with half-sleeves as hip, young and all things trendy. It's a refreshing detour from solid colours and minimalism! 

Some of our favourites from the collection would be the Panda Shirt, Tribal Print, and Multi-coloured Stripes. Equal parts funky and modish, if you want to push the boundaries a little bit more, we'd direct you to the Newspaper Print Shirt and Leopard and Chain Print jazzy number. With prices starting upwards of INR 999 and additional discounts plus perks available on LBB, we don't see why nobody is happy dancing their way here - gals and boys, both!


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