Zara, Topshop And H&M: Comm Street Is Your Go-To Place For Export Surplus Clothing

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Commercial Street is like an outdoor mall, filled with more high street brands than an actual mall. Zara, Topshop, H&M, Mango, Vero Moda — you can find hundreds of factory surplus clothing at a real steal. While they might not always be authentic, you can still come across great pieces at throwaway prices that are almost always on-trend. From airy sun dresses, to embroidered army jackets, and oversized grunge flannel shirts to cutesy rompers — there’s something for everyone! We hit up Commercial Street with INR 2,000 {in honour of the anniversary of the new note} to see what we could find — and of course we were looking for the best bargains we could get. Check out our spoils for yourself! P.S.: all the stores are located along Gollar Lane, next to Anand Sweets. But the good news is that each of these stores have branches all over Commercial Street.

Jazzy Fashions

With a total of six in Bangalore, my personal favourite branch is located in the gully right next to Anand Sweets. You’ll find tons of Zara, American Eagle, GAP, Next, H&M and even the occasional Pull & Bear piece!

#LBBTip: Their in-house tailers will alter everything for you within 30 minutes!

Price: INR 200 upwards

Contact: 080 41130706


This store is like Jazzy’s younger, wilder sister. You’re much more likely to find the perfect party top, or a dress fit for day-drinking at the beach in this store. They mostly stock Vero Moda factory rejects along with other miscellaneous brands, but don’t be surprised if you happen upon a stray Topshop or Mango dress.

Price: INR 150 upwards

Contact: +91 9844841814

Pride Collection

While this store has a decent range of clothes, you’ll probably want to head straight to their dresses rack. Mostly stocking casual and sun dresses, we got our hands on some awesome pieces from the likes of H&M and Billabong, and at insanely low prices. Plus, boho tunics and that cool top {see image above} with that charming back detail.

Price: INR 100 upwards

Contact: No phone

India Plaza

This mini-plaza, also located in the alley next to Anand Sweets, is a total hit-or-miss {as is all street shopping}. We’ve visited numerous times before and found it to either be a total flop or a wardrobe definer. Luckily, we found pretty awesome stuff {from Bershka and Pull & Bear} this time around, and it was totally worth the effort. This military jacket with the embroidered shoulder patch was a great find for instance.

Price: INR 150 upwards

Contact: No phone


Since it is export surplus, you may not get sizes, or the sizes may not quite be correct. So you’ll have to wade through loads of merch to find the best stuff. And you don’t need us to remind you that quality may not always be top notch.


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