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    Shoe Lane Off Commercial Street Is A Hidden Gem You Didn't Know About

    Chandni posted on 16 April


    Just off Commercial Street, a lane full of shoes, shoes and only shoes will take your breath away. For any and every occasion at throwaway prices too, you’re gonna love this place. It's right opposite the Commercial Street Police Station, next to the Lubbaya Mosque (technically Shivajinagar) is a narrow non-winding line with tiny and not-so-tiny stalls and shops that sell only shoes. If you walk further down, the tiny by-lanes on either side also have hoards of footwear to choose from.


    Kolhapuri chappals for men and women can be found in abundance. These slippers, made in leather and available in light beige to dark brown, and all shades in between, come straight from Attari, a small town in Punjab and are sold for as low as INR 300. Comfortable, utilitarian and really, they can go with everything from ethnic outfits to even jeans.


    Mojris, available in quirky colours, elaborate and intricate designs, however only for men, can be the perfect footwear for all your wedding, Diwali, Eid and any other occasion-based needs. You can totally give the big stores a miss if it’s a one-time requirement, so you don’t have to spend big bucks (these are for around INR 400).


    Plimsolls were another huge surprise, we didn’t think one could get such trendy plimsolls at a non-branded inexpensive store. I gave my heart to this gorgeous gold pair with sequin, and another one in pink lace with tiny silver motifs. From brunch to parties, these are great, and they’re all priced at INR 200.

    Men's Shoes

    Men, be happy, because all your Vans lookalikes are here! Checkerboard print to quirky ones in a splash of colours  — these nearly look like the real deal. And at just INR 300, seriously.

    Boots were another great find. Camo prints, combat boots in blacks and browns, in faux leather and faux suede. The good ones though might cost you a bit more (around INR 1,000), but still lesser than what’s available otherwise.

    Apart from this, goes without saying, trendy gladiators, sneakers, flip -flips, wedges — you name it, they have it. These might not last you a lifetime, but definitely long enough to justify the amount you spend. Happy shoe-shopping!

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