Pandi Curry To Noolputtus: It’s Coorg Calling At These Restaurants In Town

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Though we are just a hop, skip and a short drive away, the cuisine of the Kodavas was practically unknown to us Bangaloreans, until a few years ago. It was then that Coorgis, who had settled in the city, decided to do something about this very sorry situation. And, for that, we are eternally grateful. Coorg restaurants and catering services now serve up classics such as Pandi Curry, Akki Rotti, Noolputtu, and a whole lot more. LBB gets on the Coorg food trail in Bangalore.

The Coorg Food Co

Everything on this restaurant’s menu looks inviting. There’s the fiery Thith Pandi, a dry pork dish that’s spiced with bird eye chillies, Mutton Chops, cooked in Coorg masalas and kachampuli (a sour vinegar that’s essential to Coorg cuisine), and also pumpkin curry in coconut gravy. Pair off all this with traditional puttus, rice cakes or ghee rice and you’ve got yourself a winner of a meal.

The Restaurant - Coorg

Patrons deem that this is the closest you’ll come to Coorg in Bangalore. Open for business only on the weekends, at The Restaurant - Coorg, you’ll find buffet tables (they don’t do a la carte) laden with the best that Coorg has to offer. Do look out for their jackfruit and mango specials during the summers. If you want a nice breakaway from your good ol' anna-saaru-palya, go for their takeaway option during the weekends

Hotel Dil Coorg

This hole-in-the-wall place is a good option if you are in the mood for a home delivered, budget meal. Order up Coorgi staples like pandi curry, pork fry, pork chilli, chicken curry and akki roti and you won’t complain a bit. Don't expect elaborate seating arrangements here, this is your place for no frills no thrills Coorgi food and the prices are affordable for all. Get a taste of Coorg and get it well, here.  

North Wind Restaurant

You’ll get everything from North Indian to Chinese and Mangalorean here, but it is the Coorgi dishes that you should watch out for. Country Chicken Curry, Pork Fry, Chilly Chicken (done Coorg style) are all part of the line-up and go splendidly with your tipple. You might not think of this as an authentic Coorgi restaurant but do know that the Coorgi flavours and tastes do wonders in the mouth the way the sights of Coorg would do. 

Kodava Kuisine

We'll start off by saying that the place's Pork Chidkan is the show-stopper. Loaded with a hit of green chillies,  this dish is a must try for those willing to spice things up in life. The place also has a wide array of chicken items, all done up Coorgi style, that you can pick from. Offering a homely style vibe like most Coorgi eateries, the place is priced moderately and if you want more diversity in terms of the protein, opt from their seafood options. 


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