Let The Kids Have A Good Time At This Obstacle Course Themed Play Area. Adults Are Invited Too!

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Touted to be India's first, and currently only, play area that is themed and centred around an obstacle course, Course Busters is the most fun balance of fitness, coordination and learning for kids. We're also thrilled that parents will be allowed on occasion too! 

What Makes It Awesome

If there is anything kids these days really need, is some proper physical activity that does not involve an iPad! Thanks to Nasir Masood, the proprietor of Course Busters (on Cunningham Road), they have a whole space dedicated to them, and it's full of obstacle courses, cargo nets and warped walls. Sounds like a mini version of American Ninja Warrior to us. And apparently, we're right! Nasir, who has always been into sports and fitness, including being a CrossFitter himself, tells us that the play arena is for those who want to say goodbye to boring old summer camps?

Drawing inspiration from the hit TV show, American Ninja Warrior, with obstacles such as the balance beam, peg board (that works on all muscles including lats, biceps, triceps, and delts), Devil's Staircase, cargo net and warped wall (yes, the concave wall which even the best struggle to climb up!) among other! Each obstacle is specially created to challenge and push kids to their absolute max in terms of physical and mental abilities. Nothing like competing against yourself, eh? 

Parents who are stressing about safety, fear not. Course Busters has trained professionals to help guide the kids through each obstacle, and teach them the technique of getting through it. And if they fall, they're be right there to help them up, and packing them back to try again. Crash pads will also help break their fall. 

Luckily, soon, Nasir tells us that parents may also be able to try the course with their kids. Of course, this means, for your self-esteem, you better start practising at the gym so the little ones don't beat you hollow! 


The Obstacle Boot Camp is being hosted by Sanjana George, India's Obstacle Course Racing Champion. There will be eight intuitive training sessions, spread across 4 weeks, from Tuesday to Friday, from 5pm to 6pm. Prices are  INR 4,000 plus taxes. This one is for ages 5 to 16 years. 

They also have packages for birthday and group events for an action-packed session with kids. 


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