Get Your Creative Juices Flowing With This Brand's DIY Craft Kits And Gifts

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Entertain yourself with some good old non-tech activities with Crafted Forever's Subscription craft boxes, DIY kits, and scrapbooks.

What Makes It Awesome

Longing for those good old arts and crafts hobby classes days? Crafted Forever will not only jog your memory of those days, but also ensure that you never forget about your artsy side with their subscription craft boxes. The craft projects can even involve the whole fam or squad!

Starting off with customised travel packs (passport/ticket holder, a small notepad and envelopes), journalling kits, and scrapbooks with stickers, they’ll add colour to your life and then some. Themed with cute messages, graphics and embellishments, they’re all custom made based on their purposes and your taste of course. If scrapbooks don’t do enough to help you express yourself, they have themed photo albums, photo frames handmade boxes to store memories, secrets and other bits an bobs. Come any festive season and they’ll have thoughtful gifts or appropriate containers and packages for them. Or hit them up for decorative paper streamers during the festive season, birthdays, baby showers and birthday showers.   

Keeping things engaging, they have a subscription service for craft boxes that you can opt for. You can subscribe to their three month (INR 549 per month), six month (INR 499 per month) or yearly plan (inr 449 per month) with each month carrying a different set of items. The materials, tools, and instructions will all be in it, so all you need is some time out of your busy day and some imagination to get crafty!


They also do home decor and jewellery, made to order. 


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