Craving The Real Authentic Andhra Meal? Head Here Right Now!

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Are you looking for a place to have an authentic Andhra meal with some of your family or friends, don't think twice, here is your best choice 'Mayuri'

We started off with some fresh mocktails, slurpy good. You could just go back for their mocktails. They have some amazing vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetisers. From raw banana Manchurian to chilly chicken everything here is lip smacking good. With chilly chicken being their signature dish, the gravy is something people look for and absolutely delicious. Paneer tikka is roasted so finely that it was so good, we loved it.

Moving on to their main course, they serve your meal on a banana plantain and every serving of rice is served with a spoonful of ghee and their gunpowder(chutney powder) is so good, you could also get a packet of this home. Chicken Biryani and mutton kheema balls are at another level, the mutton is minced well and fried as balls. Tasted good as interesting as it looked. Their sambhar, rasam, kheer/payasam and palya was really good served with a pappad. We ended this delicious meal with a fried icecream infused with berries and nuts topped with chocolate sauce and fried nuts.

The ambiance is nice for a family visit. The place has a nice decor and a pleasant odor to dine. Also observe their mandala or mayuri paintings which are beautiful. The prices are reasonable. It's a restaurant that old Bangaloreans' relate to Their main outlet is near Minerva. Would definitely visit again.

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