Espresso To Blueberry: These Colourful Macarons Are Perfect For Your Next Dinner Party

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What Makes It Awesome?

These macarons (although this company calls them macaroons) from Croons come in all colours and flavours. And more importantly, they make a macaron stick with a divine espresso dip. Croons is a home-delivery only macaron baking service. And the reason we love it so much is that they make a unique creation called The Croon which is essentially a long macaron stick that comes with a delectable Chocolate Espresso Dip. It’s the perfect tea party dish, we think. They also make macarons in nearly every colour imaginable, from dusty pink to ocean blue. Plus, they will customise it. Choose from the classic milk chocolate to the unique blueberry buttercream as the filling for your macaron. Want a little bit of everything? You can get that too.

Croons macarons have the perfect melt-in-your-mouth consistency and honestly, once your guests start eating them, they won’t stop. The minimum order of macarons is 10, so even if you have a party of one you can still order from them. That’s what we would do, at least.

Price: INR 85 onwards


Croons also takes orders for customised cakes for birthdays and other celebrations. If you want to stick to macaron territory, order a Croon Tower -- basically looks like a croquembouche but with macarons! Hit Enquire Now to place your orders.


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