Ten-Second Takeaway

Now known as Sree Sagar, Central Tiffin Room {or CTR} is an old-Bangalore institution and home to the best Benne Masala Dosa in town. Plus, your pocket won’t feel a thing.

Chow Down

Benne Masala DosaKali Dosa, Chow Chow Bhath

Sip On

Filter Kaapi of course

Winning For

Their delicious smelling Benne Masala Dosas, the laid-back but efficient service, and the still-standing old-world environs.

Lowdown On The Ambience


Standing on one corner of 7th Cross in Malleswaram, CTR’s ground-floor is as plain as it comes. The second level, however, is spiffier and you’ll get cushion seats instead of the bare wooden ones. If you are here on a weekend or a holiday, be prepared to be surrounded by hungry customers surrounding your table, eagerly waiting to grab your spot.

Butter Me Up!

CTR is synonymous with the Benne Masala Dosa. Even as the waiter is carrying the yellow, plastic plates laden with the gleaming dosas towards you {or to another table}, you are very likely to swoon a little with the wafting aroma of melted butter. When it’s plonked in front of you and you hastily tear off a piece, the ensuing crunch is music to the ears. We love that they fry up the light batter with just the right amount of butter. It’s definitely rich but you won’t feel your arteries clogging up. Also, we recommend that you insist on the pudina {mint} chutney instead of just the coconut one {you won’t be served sambhar here}. 


There’s also the Kali Dosa {set dosa}, a fluffy dosa without the added calories from the butter. Don’t mind the calorie fest? Then, get the Chow Chow Bhath. The smooth, melt-in-the-mouth Kesari Bhath starts your day on a sweet note. While the lightly spiced, Khara Bhath acts as the perfect foil to all the sugar.

So We’re Thinking…

Since many of us can only make it here on a weekend, better come mentally prepared for a wait of 20-30 minutes at least. Also, no waiter is going to politely lead you to a vacant seat. You’ve got to look for vacant seats with a hawk-eye and grab them as soon as they are empty. If you are looking to try their Mangalore Bajjis {fluffy, fried up flour balls paired with chutney}, then, they are only available at around evening tea time {4pm onwards}. Plus, parking around this area can be a nightmare because of one ways. So, cab it here. 

Photos: Devika Raman