Ditch The Imported Types And Pick From Curemonte’s Range Of Artisan Cheeses

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Local cheese makers, Curemonte, markets a range of artisan cheeses from Aged Cheddar to Colby Jack. We sampled a couple and think that they are deserving of a place on your cheese platter.

Say Cheese!

Made at a farm in Hunsur {near Mysore}, Curemonte Cheese launched sometime last year. But they’ve been working on bettering their cheeses and now have a product line which they claim they are ‘super proud of’. The line-up includes Aged Cheddar, Gouda, Colby, Monterey Jack, Pepper Jack, and Colby Jack. These are now available at a Namdhari near you.

Milk It

They sent over a couple of their cheeses for us to try and we are sharing our verdict here. We unpacked samples of Colby and Colby Jack. We loved the hard, orange-hued Colby. The strong taste would make for a great pairing with a glass of your favourite white wine. But since the cheese is on the hard side, you can even grate it over a fresh salad or used a melted version on burritos and tacos.

The Colby Jack was a semi-hard, marbled block of cheese. And while not everyone was a fan of the slightly acidic taste of it, there were enough takers in the room for it to warrant a place on your cheese platter. We also added this to a basic pasta and the results were truly delicious and it gave the dish an undeniable richness. However, you will have to make a basic milk and flour roux so that you get enough sauce.


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