Paint Over History With This Online Art Store That Designs Custom Phone Cases

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Looking to throw out those shoes your ex gifted you? Save it, and give it to  Meraki instead. They will upcycle it and make it look ten times its worth. Who knows? Maybe she can do the same for your ex as well.

What Makes It Awesome

Meraki is an online, custom art store started by the up-and-coming artist, Raphaella Peters. Believe us when we say, there is nothing this girl can’t do. Meraki customizes paintings and bookmarks, and also upcycles shoes and phone cases. From clichéd Game of Thrones references to more niche preferences like a mushroom-cactus power couple, all you need is an idea in your head and Meraki will bring it to life. Let’s be honest, your artistic abilities aren’t getting any better, so save yourself the embarrassment and turn to Meraki for a perfect customized gift for your loved one.

Meraki has recently ventured into logo designs for start-ups as well. To sum up, Meraki is not just a one trick pony; its limit is as far as your imagination can go. Contact them on social media with your ideas (if any), or what you're looking for and they'll bring them to life beautifully!


The prices aren’t fixed, as designs vary in intricacy and size. However, we can promise you there won’t be any need to haggle, as you will definitely feel like you got your money’s worth once you see the end product.