These Personalised Luxury Balloon Bouquets Make For Poppin' Gifts!

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What Makes It Awesome

Balloons totes never fail to put a smile on any face, whether a kid or a kid-at-heart adult. Considering its undying popularity in the world of gifting or parties, we've upgraded to ones that scream fancy, beautiful and bespoke. This comes with a whole lot of help from blooming local business, Bloomer Balloons, of course. Sana, the Creator and Founder hand makes each of these gorgeous bouquets at home in Bengaluru. If you're thinking, 'but how will a balloon last', here's how. Each plastic balloon (these are durable, better quality) will stay inflated for a minimum of five days before they begin to deflate.

Coming to customisation, Sana is big on flowers. Each balloon is individually filled and decorated with paper or cloth flowers (the tulips are beautiful), you can pick whichever kind you like, and pretty confetti. It is then wrapped with premium quality paper, this can be designed to suit your preference, again. Want to go all out? You can have fairy lights added too! Really, any kind of customisation can be accommodated, says Sana. We think that this as an idea is pretty neat, because even after the balloon pops, it leaves you with a bouquet that can grace your tableside for months. Click on Enquire Now to WhatsApp Bloomer Balloons to place an order. Prices seem a little steep, they start at INR 650. But given the work that goes into each bouquet, the quality and the smile we mentioned earlier, a special occasion calls for this.


Bloomer Balloons also undertakes balloon bouquet decorations for birthday parties and other functions.


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