Princess, Ponies, And Popsicles: Cute And Happy Accessories By This Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

The Peach Street is on a mission to make happy, shiny, sparkly accessories, for your kids, and your inner child, and it's all hand made. Girls, remember when you were little and just wanted that shiny clip, or cute unicorn headband? Well you could make those unfulfilled wishes come true with The Peach Street’s collection of adorable accessories, or, you know, vicariously do it by buying them for your daughters, nieces, and your friends’ daughters you want to win brownie points with. Started as a hobby, the home run business caters to women and children mostly, especially those who love cute and girly. From patent leather bow clips to felt animal pendants, there’s something to keep the magic alive for a bit longer. 

Want something more exclusive? They also take custom orders, for pretty much whatever you want as long as it can be accessorised. Whether it’s a double scoop ice cream tic-tac clip set (or popsicle if you like), or headbands with Disney characters on it, they can make it happen. All handmade, their products are made with imported craft materials like felt, faux leather, glitter paper (yes, you read that right), trims, and embellishments. Keep all of that in mind while you place your order, as there will be plenty of back and forth for custom designs before the exact design is finalised, materials are imported, and your accessory made and delivered to you. The ready-to-buy collection is also pretty limited, as they try to come up with something new every time their stocks run out.


They don’t really take bulk orders, but if you’re looking for party favours or return gifts for a smallish group, let them know well in advance,and they just might oblige. COVID-19 Update: They are presently working on revamping their website and are only taking orders on Instagram.


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