Daddy Is The Pub In Indiranagar Which Cannot Be Missed!

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What Makes It Awesome?

With Picturesque decor, a huge bar and a rooftop, amazing cocktails, delicious food, perfect ambience with a rotating bar, Daddy is the Daddy of all bars in Indiranagar. Come here for a fantastic time and where the service is awesome too! With different concepts like dishes in Tiffin boxes and many other conceptualizations, this place is a must-visit.

Cocktails are lovely here, sweet obsession is one which makes us truly obsessed with it. Kappi with Daddy, as the name sounds it's pretty interesting. Smoke white Negroni is something different from a normal Negroni. Classic Whisky sour is made with Perfection. A Gin based cocktail comes fancy in a Tender Coconut and is named as Sharabi Narial.

Coming to the food, starting with a light Vietnamese Fruit salad which is quite interesting. Orange Asphargus and chicken salad are a must-try. Whisky Garlic Prawns are made perfectly and served with a cracker. Daddy is the place which makes you fall in love with prawns. Thai Basil Green Curry dumplings are out of the world with basil and coconut flavours infused, it is amazing. JD Dal Makhni shots are quite interesting, Jack Daniels infused with dal Makhni and small Nans are too good and one shouldn't miss this. Spice Mushroom toast is the regular Chinese. Manchurian whereas Sambal Mushrooms are an absolute delicacy, which looks like a quiche but tastes entirely different with spices of Asia. Mushroom Gyoza is again an amazing dish. All our Mushroom cravings can be stopped here. Veg Calzone is stuffed with cheese and herbs and was really in love with it.

In the main course, Prawn and Mushroom Risotto are great. In a tiffin box sent to us, they have a salad, chilli beam steam rice and Mutton Nahari which was delicious. Mushroom Gyoza is seasoned mushrooms placed on mashed potatoes served with salad and fries is filling and great.

Apple Cinnamon Pie and Blueberry Cheesecake for dessert are great, prefer the latter than the former because of the love for cheesecakes.

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae.

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