Dance, Dance Baby! BLR Flux Has Moved Their Dance Lessons Online

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What Makes It Awesome

With all the extra time you have with this lockdown, we understand that you might be feeling cooped up and need to release some of all that pent up energy left over from not stressing over getting to work on time. Well, art of all forms can be as calming or exerting as you want it, and Bangalore Flux is now conducting dance classes on their platform for the rest of the month. 

For those of you who need some movement through the day visit their website to make use of their archives to learn at your own pace. If you're more comfortable with daily, more interactive lessons, they're currently doing an online dance course through the month. You'll be learning contemporary dance. The classes span from April 26 to May 11 from 6pm to 8pm everyday.  Learn the basics of choreography and movement, and dance; it will help improve stamina, slow spine movement, and flexibility among others.

Every two days will comprise of classes that touch a different aspect of contemorary dance with several instructors. You can choose to drop into one class for INR 300, attend it for two days for INR 600, or do the whole course (32 hours) for INR 4,000. How do sign up? Just give them a call on +919606555607 and they'll send you the required links and details to sign up. 


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