6 Dating Apps To Download To Find Your Perfect Match

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Well times have become better now and you can step out and meet new people the last year didn't allow you to. Now if you are single, ready to mingle or just looking for someone fun to talk to, online dating apps are here to your rescue. Whether you want to meet new faces or find the special someone, here are dating apps that will provide the ideal platform for you to bond with new people before you take the plunge and decide to meet them. As good people, we will raise your hope and tell you that you could find that someone special now that physical barriers have been eliminated. Don't get matches or you probably ran out of likes in this particular dating app? Worry not because this list will certainly help you. 


One dating app that we all have used at least once and is popular among Indians is Tinder. If you haven’t used Tinder before (quite hard to believe, honestly), here’s how it works. Register and based on your preferences, you can swipe right to match with someone and left if you aren’t too interested. Now, Tinder has rolled out the Vibes feature where you will be asked questions like 'mountains or beaches', 'what you would do on a weekend' and various other MCQs such that you find the right person to bond with. They have also launched an explore page where you can swipe and potentially match with accounts that are looking for specific interests or have shared passions. For instance, there are sections with accounts for foodies, gamers, music lovers and those inclined towards social causes to name a few. 

Additional Features: You can choose topics that interest you as tags and you will have people with like minded interests feature on your interface. They also have upgrade options to boost your account's visibility.  


Bumble, a dating app once endorsed by Priyanka Chopra, is another hit dating app. Why, you might ask. It's because on Bumble, if you're a man who ha matched with a woman, the latter has to make the first move. For many of you men, it might be tough for you to elicit responses once you initiate a conversation with a woman, well not anymore. Now for those of you wanting to match with someone of the same sexuality, either parties can intitiate conversation. We also loved Bumble because of its ice-breaking options. You can choose and streamline what you're after, whether it's something serious or if it's something casual and/or your interests and hobbies. On your bio, you can answer questions, known as 'profile prompts' that would stimulate conversations and other personal details to give your potential match a fair idea of who you are. 

Additional Features: The Spotlight feature highlights your profile thereby increasing your visibility to upto 20 times more. However, this is a paid feature with prices starting from INR 66 for 30 spotlights.


Hinge, a dating app has gained popularity in the past year in India and almost everyone is on it. Once you register, you can set your profile and answer a bunch of questions that you’d want to reflect on your profile. Instead of swiping right/left, you can like one of the other users' photos or their answer to a 'prompt' like. While hinge doesn’t have a call/video call feature yet, you can set up an online date with your match through zoom or other video calling apps. There is also a last active feature where you can view the others' last active status and they can use yours so that you know who you're wanting to connect with, has been active or not. 

Additional Features: You can answer question prompts, link your accounts to other social media handles and even send a rose instead of a like for your reply to be seen earlier. They even have dating guides to help you setup a better account and drive more likes and matches. 


One of the most popular dating apps around the world created especially for the LGBTQIA+ community, Grindr has gained immense popularity in India as well. Here, you can chat with people, explore the nearest profiles and even filter out photos of preference to have your feed look more stunning. Grindr is a safe space to discover and interact with the queer community around you. 

Additional Features: They have subscription packages such as 'XTRA' and 'Unlimited' where you can connect with people more easily and get additional features such as better chat options and incognito features. 


One of the most popular dating apps in the US is now being used in India as well but not that widely as its counterparts. What seems to be the OG dating app, now has undergone various changes. It lets you match with someone based on their personality, photos and things they like. While there is no video call feature, you can message your match and keep the conversation going. As you set-up your profile, you will be asked MCQs regarding the the kind of person you are and what you think about certain topics. Based on your likes and interests, the app chooses who you're most likely to bond with and has a 'recommended' section for the same.

Additional Features: The app has features like boost and premium where you can upgrade the number of daily likes. 


Made exclusively for Indians, Aisle is a dating app that connects you with tentative matches based on your mother tongue and where you hail from apart from the usual parameters. Here, we found the enrollment to be fairly simple. Where you have to add basic details about your interests and likes. You can even rate your hobbies on a scale of 1-10 and we love the fact that there's not much typing involved. All you lazy bums, they've got you sorted. 

Additional Features: They have a feature where you can match with desi's (Indians) from across the world. 


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