Get The Kids Learning From Day 1 With These Guided Activity Flashcards

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What Makes It Awesome

Start 'em young they say. And I fully agree. With two super inquisitive kids in the house, I can honestly say, that no age is too early to get them to learn. Especially when these guided activity flashcards by Day One make it fun and interactive. The brand, started by 14-year-old Avantika Kampani (proof that there is no such thing as too young!), Day One has one product that is pack of flashcards, with six sets within them, to focus on various aspects of development.

The different categories are Sight, Words, Link Ups, Numbers, Touch and Values, covering the whole range of child development. Called Seekh, the flashcards are created and crafted to introduce the little ones to concepts such as images, words, correlations between words, and even counting. The Sight flashcards are based on geometry, and are designed to not only show kids the patterns, but also tap into the energising effects of ancient geometry. The Link Ups are all about association and memory while the numbers and words are fairly straightforward. I love that Anamika has included cognitive learning and physical learning. But more importantly, there's emotional intelligence and development too in the Values cards. So well-rounded and useful for parents and caregivers. 

While the cards are made for newborns up to kids who are three years old, it will also keep kids aged four and five fairly intrigued as well. Repetition and practice hurt no one, eh! 


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