Bravehearts, Try Death By Monkey, The Killer Workout At Hyper Monkey

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A rather gruelling workout which will get you fit and strong, Death By Monkey is not for the faint-hearted, the weak-willed or those who can’t squat and plank like a boss!

Monkey Business

Right, I will be honest about this one – it’s tough. In fact, it’s tougher than you think. But when you do it, survive and then feel oh-so-good about yourself after that, you’ll want to keep at it, until you conquer it! Starting off relatively easy to warm the muscles and loosen up the body, alternate lunges, squats and slow cardio. Don’t be fooled into thinking that is particularly a walk in the park; it gets progressively tougher! Trainers will come and join you to correct your stance and form, so do listen We don’t want any injuries now, do we.

Work The Core

Since it’s a high cardio, high endurance workout meant to build stamina and tone those muscles, about 15 minutes in, the trainers {who are super encouraging despite the torture they’re putting you through!} will up the ante. Bring on the jump squats, the burpees, jumping jack planks {as if regular planks were not enough!} and oh, mountain climbers. Feeling pretty much like I’d collapse, but determined to finish or die trying, I soldiered on. But when the adrenaline kicked in, I found myself pushing the body, but strangely with more ease that when I started. Things were looking up!

No Pain, No Gain

Bear crawls {walking on all fours}, jack knife crunches, and a slight failed attempt at walking on my hands left me satisfied and even empowered, albeit my thighs, abs and bottom were screaming from pain. Clearly, pain in the arse, is no longer just a figurative phrase! Although I am a regular at exercising and even martial arts, this one does get you – but in a good way. All your muscles are worked out {yup, those you didn’t even know existed!}, so if you stick to Death By Monkey, in even just one month, you’ll feel fitter, stronger and ready to take on the world!


Don’t force yourself to finish the session. The trainers will help you modify moves to suit your level, but know your own limits.


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