Head To Whitefield's Decathlon For Great Deals On Quality Sports Merch

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From football to fishing, whatever your sport, Decathlon has got the goods. The budget stores’ outlet in Whitefield is a sports lovers’ dream with products for over 50 kinds of activities and sports. Whats more, the prices don’t break the bank either.

All For Sport

With a branch in Whitefield and a huge space dedicated entirely to sport {50 sporting activities if we’re counting}, Decathlon is any sports enthusiasts’ paradise. Whatever your sporting persuasion, these guys have got the goods sorted. No really! They have entire sections in the store dedicated to a single sport like football, hiking and even yoga. In fact, these guys also have spaces for the more niche activities like ballet, camping and fishing. With over 50,000 sporting goods and products under their roof, you’re sure to find top quality merch at reasonable prices. All their brands are international sporting labels. Keep an eye out for their top selling brands such as Quechua, for nifty bags, that you can fold into a fist-sized pouch, water bottles and hiking goods, and Kalenji, for fun and comfy sportswear. 

Sport For All

If you, like me, are a sports noob, this is the perfect place to start your journey. The assistants here are seasoned sports persons themselves, in their respective areas, so expert guidance is guaranteed. For instance, a cycling pro will guide you through the merch in the cycling section of the store and find you the gear that suits your pace and level. What’s more, you can try out most of their stuff {yes, even the cycles} before you buy them. You’ll always see people cruising down the store’s long aisles on a skateboard or a new pair of wheels. 

With products for beginners and professional sportspersons, both old and young {they have a kid’s range for almost every sport} this is a one-stop shop for everyone’s sporting needs. The prices are great too, starting at an easy INR 99. They usually always have some sort of sale or offer, where they’re practically giving away their stuff. These go on until stocks last so hurry up and head on over their soon to cash in on some great deals and put those new gym shoes to good use.  


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