Delectable Thai & Modern Chinese Cuisine Under One Roof!

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What Makes It Awesome?

In an environment where every Asian restaurant in town is more Indian than Asian, Bo-Tai was a breath of fresh air! It was an eye opener for me personally as I realized just how much potential Pan-Asian food has in our city with its extensive menu

The Ambiance at Bo-Tai was just the perfect mix of classy and casual, yet it made me feel at home. I always feel well lit restaurants always amp up your culinary experience and it’s the perfect situation to take some beautiful pictures.

Located in JW Marriott, Bo- Tai presents exquisite culinary art with the choicest ingredients in the most intriguing and whimsical flavors. It has got a spectacular 200 year old tree in the vicinity and adds a good feel to the overall ambiance. Curated by experts, the menu is a medley of Thai & Chinese cuisine. It offers a gastronomic voyage, using the finest ingredients from Thailand and across the world. The bar is conceptualized by an international team of superstar bartenders from London who offer a signature cocktail menu which is unlike anything Bengaluru has seen before.

We had a multi course meal that included cocktails, appetizers, mains and desserts.

In cocktails my personal favorites were Cool heart, Bangkok boulevard and the Full moon festival.

-Cool heart
It was an eye catchy cocktail served in a pineapple look alike barware. Inspired by Thai culture, It was a mixture of Beefeater, pineapple, Seed-lip garden, Jagermeister, Thai green syrup, lemon and tonic

-Bangkok boulevard
A Cocktail with edible gold! Beautifully presented and coated with gold paint, this was a sweet affair with a combination of chivas 12 years whisky. honey lime, in house spiced vermouth and sparking wine. It was indeed liquid gold!

-Full moon festival
Mixture of Beefeater, strawberry and Rose syrup, in house spiced vermouth, grapefruit, spiced orange syrup, lime, pandan tincture and flowers presented in a round glass shaped like a football. A Thai tiki drink with a vibrant color and aromatic with flavours.


-Corn Curd Pepper Salt
A succulent corn cake where in cakes are topped with red chilli & spring onions and hint of coriander. This is a curd based corn cake and is quite different from the other corn cakes and is a must try here.

-Crispy Beancurd, Crushed Black Pepper
Delectable Tofu deep fried to perfection was something out of the world! It was topped with sauteed ginger garlic and generous amount of black pepper. This again is a must try dish here.

-Stuffed Mushrooms, Corn & Cheese
This is a chinese starter where in generous portions of button mushrooms are stuffed with fresh corn chunks and in house cheese. The chinese flavour is fantastic and pairs well with the cocktails here.

- Asparagus & Corn, Burnt Spring Onion
A dimsum presented really well on an exquisite plate, this had authentic flavours of china with a combination of asparagus & corn wrapped in shape of flower.


- Preserved Raw Mango Avocado
Delicious freshly cut avocados along with a combination of raw mango and topped with fried onions was one of the finest salads I've had in recent times.

- Mapo Doufu
Special mention to the Tofu prepared here! Soft and succulent tofu chunks cooked with soya granules in a spicy sauce. This goes really well with any rice or noodles ordered. Presented well in a stone alike bowl.

- Veg Pad Thai
A classic Thai Dish, this was loaded with crisp vegetables and a zesty flavor. Its highly recommended to try here.

- Veg Thai Green Curry & Jasmine Rice
Aromatic Jasmine rice paired with thai green curry is a complete bliss! The ingredients used here are top notch and it complements really well.

Desserts that you find here are quite rare and I would advise you to not leave without have these at Bo-Tai! My personal favorites were the chocolate Tart
Coconut creme Brulee.

Pictures may speak a thousand words but until you experience Bo-Tai the way I have there are no words to describe the experience I have had. Bo-Tai reminded me just how much I love Asian food.

For everyone who would like to experience something new but yet familiar. Bo-Tai deserves a Try!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group

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