This Service Ensures You Have Ghar Ka Khana Anywhere In The World!

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What Makes It Awesome

As the title suggests, if you’re studying or working abroad and miss home cooked food, we have something awesome in store for you! Home cooked food isn’t a dream anymore for those of you missing the familiar flavours of your home lingering on your fingers much after the meal! Manan Food based in Mumbai prepares and delivers home food to the most far flung corners of the world. Wouldn’t the food turn stale or lose its freshness? No! These guys dehydrate and vacuum pack home cooked food like Pav Bhaji, Thepla, Dal Makhani, Curries, Parathas to name a few and deliver them locally as well as worldwide. 

Keep the food packs in the refrigerator for as long as six months and follow instructions on every pack as to how you can consume the food. The best part is, it can be your own home’s cooked food that can be vacuum packed and delivered internationally by the brand and not just what Manan Food prepares. 

Manan Food undertakes party orders and even rolls out combos for large bulk orders. We hear their Pav Bhaji is a must try and so is their Curry gravy that is ready to eat. Whatever the food is, these guys have it packed and put instruction stickers so you know how to consume the food and for how long. Deliveries both worldwide and local take close to a week and are priced per packet at around INR 200 per kg. Courier charges are excluded.


For international orders, the minimum order has to weigh about a kg and pricing will be set accordingly. If you’re residing in Mumbai, you can collect the orders yourself for parties or for couriers.


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