Tic Tac Toe Or Brainvita? Desi Toys Has Got Us All Nostalgic

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What Makes It Awesome

Quit playing (modern) games, Desi Toys has a pitara full of nostalgia in the form of toys and games we have grown up playing with. True to their name, Thane-based Desi Toys sells traditional Indian toys, and we’re almost teary-eyed with all those fond memories that it brings back. If you’re thinking of adding some ethnic kitsch to your home, and bringing back some childhood memories while you’re at it, or are looking to gift something to your favourite niece or nephew, or want to give your kids a glimpse of your own childhood - Desi Toys is full of delightful surprises.

They have a range of mind-boggling games — remember Brainvita, the game with marbles on a circular board? They also have Indian versions of the Rubik’s Cube and Tic Tac Toe. Plus, chalk slate boards for kids, abacus, wooden rattles, fun chess boards, cute miniature kitchen sets made of brass, and wooden toys on wheels that include auto rickshaws, trucks, and even trains.

But what we really fell in love with was the Hopscotch made out of canvas cloth that one can easily fold and store, the Indian Jenga made out of wood and the good old Snakes and Ladders (but this one comes embroidered on cloth!). Remember the all-time favourites? lattu, gulel, lagori, gilli danda - they have it all!

Price: INR 149 – INR 5,999


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