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13 Sweet Reasons You Must Visit the LBB Dessert Bazaar

    The super-sweet Dessert Bazaar is almost here with a lineup of the 13 bakers {baker's dozen} to tempt you with their goodies. We know how confusing it can be. But, despair not. We've picked out {we tried them all you see} what you must try at each stall. That is how much we love you! Life just got easier, no?

    Dark Chocolate and Passion Fruit Tart

    With a chocolate pâte sucrée base, passion fruit cream filling and a topping of smooth dark chocolate ganache, Pâte Sucrée's Dark Chocolate and Passion Fruit Tart sounds too good to be missed.

    Find Pâte Sucrée on Facebook here.

    Greek Orange Blossom Pie

    Known for their Greek specials, Marzipan Cafe will floor you with their classic Orange Blossom Pie - a fruity delight that is bound to please your sweet tooth.

    Find Marzipan Cafe on Facebook here.

    Filter Coffee Tiramisu

    Giving the Italian dessert an interesting twist, Simran Singh's The Bakeshop will dish out Filter Coffee Tiramisu. So, dessert and coffee addicts can get their fix in one shot!

    Find The Bakeshop on Facebook here.

    Chocolate and Rum Cupcakes

    Get a kick out of boozy desserts at Flour Bar's stall. Their Chocolate and Rum Cupcakes {sinful chocolate with a generous helping of the good stuff} come highly recommended.

    Find Flour Bar on Facebook here.

    Burnt Lemon Tart

    We have already raved about Dolci's sweet treats here. Perfect for vegetarians {they make eggless desserts}, their Burnt Lemon Tart might just make you fall in love on the first bite.

    Find Dolci on Facebook here.


    What's so great about macaroons, you ask? Well, when they are from Happy Belly Bakes, complete with a delicious spin even, we suggest you not bother with second thoughts.

    Find Happy Belly Bakes on Facebook here.

    Tender Coconut Pudding

    Look out for InnerChef's creamy Tender Coconut Pudding, made with a hint of gulkhand flavour to tease your taste buds.

    Find InnerChef on Facebook here.

    Buttermilk Biscuits with Jack Daniel's Sauce

    Richa Paul's PO Box No. 9 {launching at the event} is going all out to lure you in with crumbly buttermilk biscuits with Jack Daniel's sauce.

    Dessert Jars

    Red Velvet, Oreo, Hazelnut and even Rainbow cakes find their way into Cake Bucket's dessert jars. You might just be tempted to try them all.

    Find Cake Bucket on Facebook here.

    Child-friendly desserts

    Letting them little ones indulge a bit themselves, Minka Gadhok Sikka's all-new brand, Homemade will roll out cakes and cookies, made using natural ingredients.


    Head to Anu Nagpal {former Caperberry and Fava pastry chef}'s stall to sink your teeth into some rich, nut-filled baklava.


    keik will be at dessert bazaar with different cheesecakes

    Source: Keik

    Going by Shradha Rungta's passion for baking cheesecakes, we aren't surprised that Keik Tupiou {started by her} will be offering exactly that. What's not to love about cheesecakes in different avatars?

    Find Keik on Facebook here.

    Coffee Cocktails

    bonhomia will be at dessert bazaar with coffee cocktails

    Source: Bonhomia

    If you want to take a break from all the sweet stuff {before you go back to it, of course}, Bonhomia's range of gourmet coffees and coffee cocktails might just do the trick. Some Espresso Martini Coffee, perhaps?

    Find Bonhomia on Facebook  here.