From Deep Fried Snickers To Lychee Pavlova : On A Dessert Trail Around Bangalore’s CBD

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For those of you with a sweet tooth, Central Bangalore can be a sugar wonderland. All across its busy and interesting lanes, you’ll spot dessert bars, cafes, and ice cream parlors that dish out treats in every imaginable shape and size. From tall sundaes, to slices of fluffy cake, and sinful creations — there’s plenty to adorn your dessert spoon. We find you the best places, in the CBD area, to satisfy your sweet cravings.

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Art Of Delight

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Corner House

Art Of Delight

Occupying the same hallowed space where Corner House used to be {below Nagarjuna}, Art of Delight’s got plenty of sweet treats for you. If you’d prefer your dessert to be light and fruity, there’s the Peach Melba and the Lychee Sundae. For the chocolate lovers, there’s the Chocolate Hysteria where a gooey brownie is topped with luscious Belgian chocolate and vanilla before adding a layer of fudge. Their Deep Fried Oreo, Snickers, and waffles are popular picks too.

Lakeview Milkbar

A Bangalore legend, Lakeview may have lost its sheen in the past few years but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a part of your dessert trail around this area. Their Chocolate Ice Cream with Cream and Nuts has always been a favourite. And so has their Hot Chocolate Fudge and Lychees with Cream.

The Rolling Pin

A cosy bakery attached to the Good Earth store on Lavelle Road, you can feast on a whole array of treats here. They have a lineup of signature cheesecakes and pies that grab your attention. Blackberry, Bailey’s, apple, and lemon are just some of the delicious flavours you can choose from. The Snicker Brownies and the German Bienenstich {that’s filled with custard} are excellent picks too.

Corner House

An old favourite, Corner House has serviced Bangalore’s sugar cravings for a while now. We love the simple yet delicious flavours that come together in their decadent offerings. In the CBD area, you can swing by two of their outlets — one just off Residency Road and the other at the Airlines Hotel compound. There’s little on their vast menu that won’t please you but if you want to stick with the bestsellers pick the Brown Bomb {brownie + ice cream}, the Hot Chocolate Fudge, or their rich Death By Chocolate. 

Berry’d Alive

Dessert lovers sure did rejoice when this Indiranagar favourite opened shop in CBD. This cheery dessert shop serves up some exciting flavours and creations that are worth sinking your teeth into. The layered Hazelnut Creme Pot makes for a great start and you can follow it up with the Salted Caramel Baked Cheesecake. The Just Banoffee, an interesting take on the good old Banoffee pie, and the Lychee Pavlova are excellent options too.


Apart from their much-loved cafe eats, Truffles is known for its value for money dessert selection. While they don’t offer the most creative treats, they do the tried and tested well. Their crumbly Blueberry Cheesecake is regarded by many as one of the best in the city. The Chocolate Truffle too matches up to your expectations. If you want to take home something sweet, then, try their chunky Brownies and also their small bags of pink and white marshmallows.

Bowring Kulfi

When you are craving sweet but the wallet won’t allow an indulgence, just skip to this wayside stall on busy Residency Road. Here, you’ll get served up a Bangalore classic — the Bowring kulfi. You can plonk a couple of tenners on the counter and walk away with your favourite flavours. There’s chocolate, mango, and coconut but it is their creamy Kesar Badami and Kesar Kajoor offerings that keep the crowds coming back.

Amande Patisserie

The first thing that will catch your at this compact cafe in UB City is the display of colourful macaroons. They are good too and strike the balance between being chewy and melt-in-the-mouth. The passion fruit, blueberry, and rose flavours are particularly popular. If you are looking to sample their other offerings try the delightful Chocolate Eclairs, the layered Opera Cake, and the Orange Cake that showcase orange done in three ways.

Glen’s Bakehouse

While this cafe does offer plenty of lip-smacking savoury dishes, it is their dessert selection that takes the cake. Right on top of the heap is their gooey and chocolate-heavy Baked Mud Pie followed closely by their Cookies and Cream offering. Slices of their Red Velvet Cake and Chocolate Cake are worth biting into too.


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