Aakanksha posted on 10th October

Find The Sweet Spot With Our Pick Of Dessert Places

We’re hitting the sweet spot with a host of go-to dessert cafes across town. Since we’re simultaneously watching our weight {or so we think}, we couldn’t make it to all of the indulgent places in Bangalore. So if you’ve been to a place which offers the best dessert {according to you}, let us know. We’ll bravely take on the challenge of trying it out! And yes, we know about Corner House; we’ll shine the spotlight on it another time. But meanwhile, here’s our pick.

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Berry’d Alive

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Happy Belly Bakes

Happy Belly Bakes

While birthdays, weddings and baby showers became exotic thanks to Shisham Hinduja’s {and her dreamy elves} quirky cakes, this master baker has won our hearts with her Molten Tarts {crumbly pie crust filled with molten chocolate}, Apple Pies and Brownies. Plus, cupcakes {we dream regularly about their Hazelnut Nutella cupcakes}, gateaux, tea cakes and hot chocolate {yes, the sinful one with actual melted chocolate} that will resolve even the harshest war. Do try the Honey Nut Tart if you’re not big on chocolate.

When: 11am-9pm

Price: INR 75 upwards per piece, cake orders start at INR 750 a kilo.

Spoonful of Sugar

They may have opened a bigger bakery and cafe in Koramangala, but our favourite remains that cozy little spot first started in Indiranagar more than five years ago. Though every other bakery now does its own version of cupcakes, we have eaten the best here. The Salted Caramel and Red Velvet versions are absolute favourites as is the sinful Banofee Pie or the cake version of it. Their range of simple tea cakes such as Rose, Apple or even the basic SOS Vanilla Cake have a fan following in us. But have we talked about their sweet and savoury Baked Cheesecake yet or for that matter their sublime Baileys Creme Brûlée? Both are LBB favourites too.

When: 9.30am-10.30pm

Price: INR90 upwards per piece

Berry’d Alive

Also called {by us} dessert heaven, fantastic flavours match up to quirky names. Truffles, sundaes {our pick is the Chocolate Peanut Butter one} and tarts of all colours and flavour leave you spoiled for choice. But if you’re looking to us for advice, the Double Decker Brownie {laden with brownies, chocolate sauce, chocolate mousse and some more chocolate sauce}, the Dark Chocolate Delice and the Brownie Bomb, win top spot. Yoghurts, milkshakes and cakes make it a one-for-all dessert parlour. Skip the previous meal before heading here.

When: 11.30am-11.30pm

Price: INR140 upwards


One of the first ‘fancy’ dessert places in town, we love their bite-sized {okay, really big bites} tarts with the Honey Walnut and Burnt Lemon one leading the brigade. Brownies, gateaux of all kinds, and pies too make an appearance. But what we love most about this little gem is that they have mini eclairs and profiteroles which are perfect to a luncheon or high-tea. Or like us, anytime of day!

When: 10am-10pm

Price: INR 40 upwards


Tucked away near Mount Carmel College, you’ll have to fight off young {and very feisty} college girls to get your share of piping hot cocoa, Lemon Tart or Red Velvet cake – their specials. We may kill for their Brownie Éclair, or Oreo Cream Cake or even their tea cakes, especially the Salted Caramel and Walnut Coffee one. Great for a date {who doesn’t have a wandering eye}, Desserted also delivers should you need an SOS birthday cake.

When: 9am-10pm

Price: INR 50 upwards {approx}

Happy Endings

Be it Dark And White Chocolate Marquise, Chocolate Mousse with A Brownie Base, or their decadent Hot Chocolate Brownie Fudge, this is our go-to place when we’re on the outskirts of town {meaning Bellandur}. They have a dedicated section called All That Is Chocolate which needs no explanation, and an ice cream menu covering exotic flavours like Affogato Spoil – a coffee-based one. A Chef’s Indulgence will set you back at least ten workouts, especially their Speciality For Two – Mississippi Mud Cake with Bavarian Ice Cream, Chocolate Mousse and two chocolate bites.

When: 10am-11pm

Price: INR60 upwards {approx}

Art of Delight

As if Oreo’s couldn’t get better, you get Deep Fried versions here. The Caramel Coffee sundae is top-notch here, with the Deep Fried Snicker on hot on its heels. If it sounds over indulgent to you then a Nutella or Blueberry Cheesecake may do the trick. Or commit a dessert sin and have Fruit Salad With Ice Cream. And did we mention, desserts get pride of place here in beautiful glass jars.

When: 11am-11pm

Price: INR150 upwards.


Patisserie Nitash

Skip the cheesecakes and pie here in favour of more exotic offerings. Don’t get us wrong, they are perfectly delightful but when you sample the Rhone Valley Cake {wine poached pears layered in a red wine mousse}, Nata Con Manzana {Green apple mousse topped with chunky apple and raisin}, or the Marjolaine {Almond sponge layered with orange, mousseline and chocolate ganache} you’ll know what we mean. Give their Tiramisu, Mousse and Brownies a gander too.

When: 9am-4.30pm

Price: INR500 upwards for a full cake