Fancy A Macaron In Banashankari? This Cute Patisserie Will Sort You Out

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What Makes It Awesome

On 30th Main Road of Banashankari 2nd Stage, if you happen to spot a Wes Anderson-esque corner it’s probably Dessert Rose. Started as an extension to realise her passion for baking, what was a delivery only dessert service, is now a full fledged patisserie. Custom cakes and desserts are her forte, but if you’d like to sample her work, the Banashankari outlet is the perfect place for it. Set up to look like a baking studio, if you walk in before 2pm, you’ll catch the Dessert Rose team whipping up sweet treats, mixing batter, or even frosting their cakes and cupcakes. They’ll be happy to chat with you while you wait for your order, and maybe even give you some tips if you ask nicely. 

The options for the day (which usually consists of macarons, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, dessert jars, and classic cakes) are displayed in the dessert counter, and are sold out by the end of the day as they bake in small batches.Looking for savoury stuff? Tough luck. They have only have quiche. Wash your food down with a smoothie, hot chocolate, or monster shake to really get that sugar rush, and walk out happy. If you’re looking to get desserts for a party, event, or even workspace, they take orders for whatever you need to suit your requirements, diet, allergies, taste and quantity. They also have a rewards system (stamped card and all), where every fifth visit will get you a free sweet treat.


 If you’re keen, they also conduct baking workshops on weekends. Be warned, that they can only accommodate around five people at a time so call and reserve a spot for yourself. 


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