Turtle Earrings To Floral Nose Pins: Accessories Start At An Easy INR 100 At This Comm Street Silver Shop

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What Makes It Awesome

If you are a fan of silver and oxidised silver accessories, the tiny non-descript store's collection of nose rings, pins, studs, and earrings will catch your fancy. And the best part is, everything starts at INR 100. Now, it's not an extensive collection, but you will find quirky and cute designs in the form of flowers, leaves, owls, elephants, turtles, and butterflies. If you prefer stonework or beadwork in your accessories, you will find plenty of studs that also double up as nose rings. The owner, who's a silversmith himself, designs everything in-house and can custom make designs too. 

Apart from these, small silver curious, anklets, and bangles are what else you can shop for here. You get these in either German or pure silver with a substantial difference in the price range. The store owner mentioned to us that he does gun-shot, needle nose and ear piercing as well. 

What Could Be Better

You won't find jhumkas and large earrings here.  


The owner is hard of hearing, so you will have to speak up a little louder. Also, do not even try to haggle here. It’s fixed rate with the owner firmly believing in ‘take it or leave it’ policy.


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