Flash Mobs To Butter Chicken: Embrace The Dhaba Life At This Swanky Eatery In Marathahalli

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It’s a posher dhaba-style atmosphere that’s quirked up with retro decor, loud Bollywood music, and rich, large-portioned North Indian winners. Marathahalli peeps, say hello to Dhaba – Estd. 1986 Delhi.

The Dhaba Life

If you have been to the Indiranagar outlet, you’d have a fair idea of what to expect. But if it’s your first time, then be prepared for the bright colourful interiors, equally colourful furniture, and cheeky lines on the wall {the ones that you are most likely to see on the back of the trucks} about customers and the dhaba life. Patrons of the Indiranagar outlet will agree when we say that this Marathahalli outlet goes all out in making this posh dhaba experience one for the night {and Instagram}. Oh, there’s plenty to post on social media starting with the Akhaada-style private dining area to the mini Goldspot {remember the old-school orange fizzy pop?} and Doodhwala counters that pop up during the buffet lunch all through the week. Dabbas, empty soft drink bottles, vintage movie posters, and kitschy collages, the decor is a retro throwback to the 80s and 90s. Oh, and the bar isn’t just a bar, it’s an all-out theka that serves everything from signature cocktails such as the Somras, Imli Bai and Laal Pari {a dhaba take on Bloody Mary}.

Heavy Duty Okay Please

It’s dhaba food {mostly}, so it’s rich, heavy and the portions are quite big if you are dining solo. Since we’d had already tried the Tandoori Prawns and Galouti Kebabs at the Indiranagar outlet {you can read about that here} we opted for something different. We started off with the Kaleji Gurda Tak A Tak, Latpati Murgh Tangdi, and Saag Ki Tikki from the winter menu. The Kaleji is goat liver and kidney marinated in spices and tossed with green chillies giving this chewy dish quite a punch. The Tangdi hits the spot too, and the crumbly saag and potato patties had us wanting more. While we were waiting for the mains, the staff flash-mobbed to a popular but a loud Bollywood number {Badtameez Dil in our case}. Now, this is a routine, so expect to have your meal with a side of entertainment the next time you are here.

Dilli Ki Nihari and Sarson Ka Saag from the winter menu, Daal Dhaba, Balti Meat, and our favourite, Butter Chicken 1986 were our mains for the night with an assortment of Amritsari Kulcha, Missi Roti, and Dhabe Di Roti. If you love meat, just keep mopping your slow-cooked and rich gravy of the nihari that comes with succulent cuts of goat meat with their Amritsari Kulcha. We are not going to even begin talking about the buttery, Butter Chicken. Just order, and be happy. If you have any space left, order the Rasmalai, and pass out.

So, We Are Thinking...

We still haven’t tried the raan {a roasted leg of lamb}, so that’s one reason to go back with our squad here. We suggest you do too.


Now, we noticed that the place shows up on two location on Google Maps in Marathahalli, so make sure you set your GPS to the Dhaba above @home.


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