Kids Can Get Their Swag On at Divas & Dudes

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What Makes It Awesome

Little one need a haircut? Divas & Dudes in Indiranagar promises to wave its magic wand and make your precious little one feel like a prince or princess. Since many kids tend to get squirmy while getting a haircut, the staff ensures that your tot is made comfortable before bringing out the scissors. Manis, pedis, and hair styling are also on offer, with parental consent obviously. Recently, Divas & Dudes has also launched creation stations where kids can have a blast making their own paraben and sulphate-free soaps, lip balms, and body lotions. These can be made in cool flavours like Cupcake Batter, Jolly Rancher, strawberry, chocolate and cotton candy. Don’t you miss being a kid, now?

Divas & Dudes’ calendar is packed with activities. Kids can drop by at their open-house themed events like Princess Tea Parties, Junior Masterchef contests, Art parties and what not. There’s also a Build A Buddy studio where they can get busy making their own custom-made stuffed animals. A Kids Fashion Show, hosted by Divas & Dudes, includes confidence-building sessions in etiquette and grooming. Prices for their grooming services start at INR 100. For updates on their events, do keep an eye on their social media. 


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