Instagram Nails, Extensions & Nail Art, This Lavelle Road Salon Knows How To Keep Up With The Trends

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Divine Nail Salon on Lavelle Road is doing all kinds of crazy Instagram trends from chrome nails to cat eye and also marble. Plus, they do nail extensions for your big day or any day actually along with cool nail art.

Nailed It

The nail salon is located on the basement level on the crazy busy St Marks Road. Once you enter, you will see that the place is done up in whites and the furniture is red. The founder Shikha, explained to me that getting your nails done seems to have hit Bangalore in a big way. Apparently, Bangalore ladies are nuts about keeping their nails gorgeous at all times instead of on special occasions, and we are in too. Plus, the salon keeps up with current Instagram trends like shiny chrome nails, those surreal marble nails and even a slightly creepy cat eye trend {it basically aims at making that iridescent streak or slit that you can see in a cat’s iris}.

I do have short nails {I often bite them you see}, so getting those long and pearly nails was something I always wanted, and Divine Nail Studio & Spa folks decided to take up the challenge. With my stubby nails, they set to work and put nail extensions.

Dial Up The Glam

Mind you, this is a really long process and can take up to two or so hours. So start reading on your phone’s Kindle or get ready to surf through Instagram. The nails are buffed layer by layer and a thick glue is slathered on them to stick fake nails. These are rather long and then are clipped to suit you. I found the nails to be too long even when they were cut shorter or maybe I was just not used to such long talons.

Some folks prefer to leave it pearly and as is, with just a base layer of paint. But the tips of my nails were polished white in the French style and shape of nails remained square. The nail technician then did a painstaking floral pattern on my ring finger nail and added some teeny weeny diamantes. Glamorous is what I felt, but to be honest the nails felt really bulky for someone who has never had long nails. And getting work done was tough. But you should definitely get these done when you want to feel glam and give the Kardashian sisters some competition.

So, We're Saying...

I got the extensions removed after a couple of days at another salon and the process took nearly two hours. Every layer had to be scraped with a nail file and then soaked in acetone and taken off. My nails were intact but they did have some leftover glue for some time. If you really want to have long nails but as a temp solution, then visit Divine Nail Studio & Spa for maybe Prescription nails, which are extensions added to the tip of your original nails. These are apparently much lighter and come off within a week. But I am definitely going back for quirky nail art, and they have quite the range. Check out their Instagram handle here for nail inspirations.

Price: INR 3,200 for nail extensions.


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