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    13 Cute Lab-Rescued Beagles Need A Home. Are You Looking For A Forever Friend?

    Navya posted on 26 March


    Is a four-legged cutie missing from your life? Freagles of India, a local trust, is looking to rehabilitate 13 male, lab-rescued beagles, and give them happy, loving homes. 

    Pup’s The Word

    In 2015, the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals {CPCSEA} laid down laws where animals that were used for testing in other industries {like pharma and pesticides}, had to be rehabilitated after three years or after five whelping cycles {if it was used for breeding}.

    This meant that last year, the then-nascent Freagles of India {with initial support from CUPA} re-homed over 250 beagles. This time around, Freagles of India, which is now an established trust, has taken in 12 beagles between the age of 5-7 years and 1 beagle between 10 and 11 years. These beagles are being released soon {the dates have not been confirmed yet} to the Trust by a pharma company in Hyderabad. And Freagles of India hopes to find the doggies amazing homes in Bangalore or in cities that are close to the IT Capital.

    Rules of Engagement

    To ensure that the beagles find the right homes, the trust has established serious, unbendable ground rules. You’ll first have to apply online and if you get a call back, you’ll have a lengthy interview with the trained staff. This will be followed by a virtual tour of your home to see if it’s a secure place for a lab-rescued beagle. If not, they make suggestions to improve your environment. Then, you meet with the dogs and see if you are a match. The entire adoption process can take up to three weeks, we are told. 

    Freagles of India emphasises that lab-rescued beagles are way different from the regular dogs. Since they have been held in isolated captivity for all of their lives, till they were released, many of them don’t even know what it means to be a dog. So, potential adopters shouldn’t have high expectations but should be willing to put in plenty of commitment and patience. You also need to follow instructions on care to the ‘T’. But, Freagles of India insists that these dogs don’t need pity what they are looking for are “partners that take them through life”.

    If you can’t adopt a dog but want to encourage the kind of work Freagles of India is doing, you can send in a donation here:

    Freagles of India

    A/C No: 130101011010676

    IFSC: VIJB0001301

    Bank: Vijaya Bank, Indiranagar

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