The Sugar Doughnuts at Thom’s Bakery & Super Market Is A Must-Eat

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Originally called Thom’s café, Thom’s Bakery & Super Market has been around for a few decades and is one of the undisputed favourites of the Cantonment area. Plus, their sugar doughnuts are the bomb.

Must Eat

The sugar doughnuts! Round, cushiony, bready, sugar dusted goodness. No frills, nothing fancy schmancy, just  pure goodness. You bite into it and the powdery sugar dust coats your lips and drizzles on to everything else too. Don’t speak, just live the doughnut. Trust me. It’s that good. Today we have many places with different kinds of doughnuts and coatings but none as homely and fresh as Thom’s sugar doughnut. If you are lucky to buy it when it comes fresh out of the oven, it’s another level of goodness. I am not exaggerating.

What We Loved

As soon as you step into Thom’s, you will know that there is a bakery in here somewhere by the tantalising aroma of freshly-baked goodies that fills the air. Thom’s is all about their bakery and their fully stocked supermarket. The bakery also produces great breads, cakes, and meaty savoury delights such as samosas, pies, puffs, and all sorts of fattening, flaky, sweet treats, but at very reasonable prices. The supermarket is the go to place for the regular {local produce} and not-so-regular {imported products such as chocolates, sauces, tinned foods, etc.} grocery needs. Bottled olives and “foreign” chocolates have adorned their stands long before Luru commonly spoke about them.

What Didn’t Impress Us

No complaints here. It’s very businesslike at Thom’s Bakery & Supermarket. Walk in and walk out with great food from the bakery or your weekly grocery needs from the supermarket. Actually, both!

What Is The Best Time To Visit?

It’s open all days of the week. Any day is a good day at Thom’s Bakery. Make sure you call in advance to figure out the time when baked goodies are brought into the store.

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