This Company Will Open Doors To Venues You Wouldn't Otherwise Have Access To

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Doors Open will give you access to hot spots in the city that you would not otherwise have access to. The walks show you heritage institutes and historically significant buildings in Namma Bengaluru.

What Makes It Awesome

Have you lived in Bangalore most of your life and not seen half of the awesome things we have? Are you curious to know what, say Bangalore Club, or a heritage property looks like? Doors Open will doors for you. Tying up with members of different clubs, venues, and community groups they will take you in and even let you stay the night (staycation with bae, maybe?). 

Tying up with clients who own otherwise exclusive and restricted access spaces, the folks of Doors Open bring laymen to the venue and explain its cultural and historical significance. Current;y, their experiencesrange from pets, lifestyle, heritage homes, food, music, to exclusive club access, cultural exchanges and much more. A recent tour included Pet Stepin which is a daycare for dogs in Indiranagar, which usually doesn’t allow the public in but granted inside access for this tour. Another interesting tour included an urban gardening centre in Jayanagar where people could spend time understanding the concept and even trying their hand at it.  

Heritage houses in Basavanagudi and Catholic Club are spots Doors Open means to tick off their bucket list. Costing somewhere between INR 300 and 600 per person, each tour allows for six to eight people. Enjoy some chai and samosas while you explore the city’s nooks and corners. Sign up to understand the culture of Bangalore and to spend a Sunday learning facts about your city.


The folks only have an Instagram page so DM them to know when the next experience is happening or call or Whatsapp on 9739252090.