Seed Pencils To Charcoal Toothbrushes, This Brand Makes Being Eco-Friendly Easier

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What Makes It Awesome

Trying to be eco-friendly(ier)? Shop for charcoal toothbrushes, seed papers and newspaper pencils at Dopolgy. When Akshata and Rahul moved to India from Indonesia in 2018, they had to move around a lot. In the process, they realised the scale at which plastic had taken over their lives and decided to make the shift to being eco-friendly. What started off as making small changes like refusing plastic bags at shops and recycling pet bottles, eventually became a way of life. That's how Dopology came to be — a company that helps people make eco-friendly lifestyle choices with products that are not only useful but also (surprisingly) affordable.

Some of the things they have in store include pencils made out of newspapers. These pencils come in three varieties — regular pencils, colour pencils, and ones attached with seeds (plant the ends once you're done with using the pencil, and it will grow into an onion or coriander plant!). Prices for the pencils start from INR 50 (for the regular pencil set) and go up to INR 90 for the seed pencil set. They also have digital colouring books starting at INR 10. 

You'll also find bamboo toothbrushes (INR 80), as well as charcoal toothbrushes (INR 135) that will make your teeth extra white with their superior-grade nylon bristles as well as natural loofahs too. Love stationery? Check out their seed papers, priced at INR 15 — they're pressed with jasmine and marigold seeds, so you can write down your memories and plant these papers, and they will grow into flowers (how poetic!). Apart from these products, check out their eco-friendly loofahs (made using loofah gourds) and recycled paper notebooks.


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