Erasable Pens To Foldable Rulers: This Iconic Shop Is Bae For Fancy Stationery And Gifting

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Dream World is the holy grail when it comes to fancy stationery and budget gifting. From bags to bendy pencils, find it all here.

Stay Stationery

Remember how you used to drool with envy when a classmate brought those pencil boxes with buttons that open different compartments or those long and bendy pencils to school? Well, in all likelihood, Dream World is where they were sourcing these fancy goodies from. The iconic store in Frazer Town has been around for decades, inspiring childlike wonder in us, with their goodies imported from the U.A.E. Pens with every kind of tip, in every colour you can think of, notebooks and writing pads, washi tape and drawing pencils, this store is a stationery junkie’s dream. Spread over three floors, as you move a level up you’ll find paints, canvases, paper, paintbrushes and other crafty tools, that will nudge the artist or DIY enthusiast in you to get crafty. Scissors, erasable pens, geometry kits and foldable rulers also have a place here. And prices start at a low as INR 5 for some of their pens and pencils.

Gifts Galore

Whenever gifting season comes round, just head on down to Frazer Town and have the gifts for your near and dear sorted. The store has everything from clocks and ceramic showpieces to mugs, cards, bags and even perfume. Bath and body products also find a place on the shelves, and you can pick up foreign brands like Jergens and Herbal Essences. Whether it’s small buys like keychains or chocolates {they have all kinds, from Galaxy to Toblerone} to bigger gifts like toys, watches, dinner sets and makeup too, they stock up on it all. And we love their extensive selection of greeting cards that take us back to the good old days and made us want to exchange cards again. Just next door is Dream World For Home which will have all your home needs covered, from dining sets to laundry baskets, so go and check them out too.

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