Buy {And Sell} Pre-Loved Luxury Accessories At Great Prices With DuaVivo

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Do you and your bank account eternally disagree when it comes to designer wear? Now you can meet halfway at DuaVivo – a platform to buy and sell pre-owned luxe accessories.

Brand Game

Oh if only you could see us right now! Credit card in hand, multiple tabs open {for comparison, see} and wardrobe doors ajar {to make instant matches} – we’re very into recycling you see. More so when it involves handbags, sunglasses and shoes. Ideated and then started by Mehal Kejriwal, DuaVivo {which means second life} is a space to buy, sell or even swap luxury products. And all at about 50 per cent off the original prices.

It’s a membership-only place {but it’s easy as you can log in through Google or Facebook}, free for the first 90 days, and then you get to pick the plan you choose. Once you’re part of the elitist crew, you can browse {read: scour} through the catalogue of bags, watches, sunglasses and even scarves. Set a deadline though, or you’ll very soon be literally broke but fabulous.

Dose Of Designer

When you find the stuff you want to buy all you’ve got to do is hit the ‘Request Callback’ and then sit back until the seller gets back to you. If you’re suspicious about the authenticity like we were at first, then don’t worry. It’s all legit and you even get a declaration to make sure it’s original and not a knock-off. In fact, you can request to meet the seller, inspect the product and then decide whether you want to buy it or not.

On The Shelves

We’re currently eyeing a Louis Vuitton bag which is originally INR 1.2 lakh but is going at INR 45,000 on the site. And an Armani watch at INR 10,000. Also, this really cute Coach Hobo bag for INR 6,500. Sunglasses are a real steal here. Who’d have thought you could get Ferragamo ones for just INR 5,ooo. They even have a swap policy where you can trade in the old barter system. So a bag for a pair of shoes perhaps? But it’ll be on equal value so don’t worry about getting a pair of Armani socks for Prada shoes. Other luxe brands are Alexander McQueen, Rolex, DKNY, Givenchy, Hermes and Chanel.

Oh! And there’s more good news. They even have a a brick and mortar store in town. So that’s farewell dear salary, and savings too possibly!

Where: Ground Floor, VR Bengaluru, 60/2, ITPL Main Road, B Narayanapura, Mahadevapura

Sign-up for the membership and buy the products online here.


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