Spartan Helmets To RMS Titanic: This Studio In Indiranagar Is Home To Some Really Cool Collectibles

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What Makes It Awesome

Situated on 100 Feet Road, just opposite Vapor, E-Studio is filled with all sorts of antiques and trinkets, right from the entrance. What caught our eye were the majestic grandfather clocks, a showcase filled with vintage binoculars, spyglasses, and telescopes. If you’re on the lookout for wall fixtures, check out the collection of mini helmets, cuckoo clocks, and vintage model planes and cars (think Humvees and Mini Coopers). Spartans helmets, like the one Leonidas and his men from 300 wore, also caught our fancy. Credit card friendly at INR 3,000 upwards, these helmets come in all designs including the ones used by medieval knights. Of course, since there are armoured suits and helmets, there are swords too. 

If you are the Grandmaster-type, you’d want to have the (pictured above) chess set (around INR 49,000) where the pieces are all politicians. Any guesses who the kings are? Hint: He’s Russian. Next up are these (pictured above again) cool, large-scale models of ships (starting at INR 30,000) that straight out of your history books. Yes, guys, they have the ship of our dreams. You could say we are totally shipping this store. We also spotted something straight out of On Stranger Tides where Jack Sparrow finds the Black Pearl inside a bottle. These models, called impossible bottles, have miniature models of ships inside them. And they start at a cool INR 2,500.

What Could Be Better

Really, don’t go there expecting something like The Entertainment Store. This is through and through a haven for anyone who has the space, the money, and the love for antique and vintage collectables. That being said since prices start at INR 500, not everything is out of a smaller budget. 


E-studio is now online thanks to LBB! So even if you aren't a resident of Bangalore, all you have to do is browse through their catalogue on this recommendation and hit the 'Enquire Now' button to place an order.


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