This Bangalore-Based Wine Brand Makes Vino That Is A Match Made In Heaven For Indian Food!

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What Makes It Awesome

How many times have you had to trade your wine glasses for beer when it came to pairing a solid Indian meal with a drink? If you're like me, then many. Not for any other reason but that I probably don't know enough wine to be able to pick the best match for my biryani, butter chicken and Chettinad Chicken! But, finally, Tetrad Global Beverages, in partnership with winemakers, Vignobles Arbeau, from France, has released a wine just for that!  

Say namaste to Early Dark! Curated by veteran in the wine making industry, Abhay Kewadkar, and food and wine connoisseur, Rishad Minocher, this one is produced in France, adhering to proper wine making processes and standards. Available in three regional range varietals, we love the Early Dark Cabernet–Merlot 2017. Perfect to sip on with Indian, and any spicy Asian food, really, this wine is fruity and spicy. Packed with notes of juicy black fruits, plums and spices, it goes down easy, so really, you don't need a time or specific cuisine. The Chardonnay 2017, perfect to have with fish, and spicy food, you'll sniff and taste, white flowers, vanilla and undercurrents of banana. The Rose Winé 2017 will give you aromas such as strawberry and raspberry, and if you have it with salads and seafood, you'll fall in love with it! 

I love the versatility of all three of the regional range varietals, and at INR 1,260, the price is fab too! The next time you're confused about what wine to pair with desi khana, you'll know better. 


Currently available only at select places in Karnataka and Maharashtra, these wines are available at Cyber Wines on Lavelle Road, Liquid on Cunningham Road as well as Dewars on St Marks Road.


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